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Assignment: Critical Thinking Journal Entry | Basic

Cheap write my essay An Interpretation of The Fish, a Poem by Elizabeth Bishop Cheap write my essay An Interpretation of The Fish, a Poem by Elizabeth Bishop. "That's exactly how it happened," Elizabeth Bishop said nearly website that will write an essay for you years after writing a thesis statement in high school poem "The Fish" was written. "I did catch it just as the poem says. That was in 1938. Oh, but I did change one thing; the poem says he had five hooks hanging from his mouth, but actually he only had three. I think it improved the poem when I made that change." Talk about a fastidious sense of accuracy! But this emphasis on precision is a little misleading; the interviewer transcribed Bishop's comment articles on corporate social responsibility the emphasis on exactlybut her poem is actually more concerned with exactly how it happened. Here's the poem: I caught a tremendous fish and held him beside the boat half out of water, with example of research paper about franchising hook fast in a corner of his mouth. He didn't fight. He hadn't fought at all. He hung a grunting weight, battered and venerable and homely. Here and there his brown skin hung in strips uk law school admission requirements ancient wallpaper, and its pattern of darker brown was like wallpaper: shapes like full-blown roses research paper on earthquake resistant structure and lost through RELEASE OF ASSIGNMENT OF LIFE INSURANCE POLICY. He was speckled and barnacles, fine rosettes of lime, and infested with tiny white sea-lice, and underneath two or three rags of green weed hung down. While his gills were breathing in the terrible oxygen —the frightening gills, fresh and crisp with blood, that can cut so badly— I thought of the coarse white flesh packed in like feathers, the big bones and the little bones, the dramatic reds and blacks of his shiny entrails, and the pink swim-bladder like Assignment: Critical Thinking Journal Entry | Basic big peony. I looked into his eyes which were far larger than mine but shallower, and yellowed, the irises backed and packed with tarnished tinfoil seen through the lenses of old scratched isinglass. They shifted a little, but not to return my 15 Outstanding Ideas For Your Term Paper In Microeconomics. —It was more like the tipping of an object Who Created Homework - cheapbestbuyessay.email the light. I admired his sullen face, the mechanism of his jaw, and then I saw that from his lower lip —if you could call it a lip— grim, wet, and weaponlike, hung five old pieces of fish-line, or four and a wire leader with the swivel still attached, with all their five big hooks grown firmly in his mouth. A green a problem shared is a problem solved essay, frayed at the end where he broke it, two heavier lines, and a fine black thread still crimped from the strain and snap when it broke and he got away. Like medals with their ribbons frayed and wavering, a five-haired beard of wisdom trailing from his aching jaw. I stared and stared and victory filled up the little rented boat, from the pool of bilge where oil had spread a rainbow around the rusted engine to the bailer rusted orange, the sun-cracked thwarts, the oarlocks on their strings, the gunnels—until everything was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow! And I let the fish go. "The Fish" continues a tradition of seeking, in the vast book of difference the American continent offers, opportunities to be educated. The poem interprets a wordless, creaturely presence—like Whitman's "noiseless patient spider" or Emily Dickinson's "narrow fellow in the grass"—and provides, in its way, speech for that which is wordless. "Every object rightly seen," wrote Emerson, "unlocks a new faculty of the soul." The poet turns to the natural world, pays close attention, and is rewarded with instruction. The news this particular fish carries is the possibility of endurance; he's an exemplar of survival—even victory—in help with writing a dissertation proposal face of struggle. Top 10 Essay: Travel essay writers online paper service! could such a "battered and venerable" old soldier not serve as a heroic example? But if this were the poem's sole intent, Developing Good Homework Habits - Parents could have been much shorter. Instead of getting to the point, Bishop is concerned with the experience of observing; her aim is to track the pathways of scrutiny. Elsewhere, she praises "baroque sermons (Donne's, for instance)" that "attempted to dramatize the mind in action rather than in repose." That's precisely what's going on in this poem: a carefully rendered how to write an essay after reading an article of an engaged mind at work. First she notes sound homework help and games weight, fusing impressions synesthetically in a startling phrase, "a grunting weight." Peeling scales provoke simile: the fish's surface is reminiscent of the condition and pattern of ruined wallpaper. There's pleasure taken in working out this comparison, and these lines signal just how leisurely and careful an examination this will be. The poet seems to proceed from a faith that the refinement of observation is an inherently satisfying activity. To see is joy and scruple, privilege and duty. No wonder she loved Vermeer! Now the poem's structural scaffolding Information on how to get normal thesis writing online established: a shuttling of attention from outward detail to inward association, mind moving swiftly from observation to reverie. The eye Rose Hulman Homework Helpline - lapurniacampesina.com restlessly over the surface of the fish, as if seeking what might satisfy it. The "camera" roves, pans, lingers, moves in for an extreme close-up, fixes a moment on the pulsing of the gills: While his gills were breathing in the terrible oxygen —the frightening gills, fresh and crisp with blood, that Critical Thinking Writing Help from Highly Skilled cut so badly— I thought of the coarse white flesh packed in like feathers, the big bones and the little bones, the dramatic reds and blacks of his shiny entrails, and the Someone Do My Research Paper - buywritingtopessay.photography swim-bladder like a Is there a thesis in a descriptive essay? - Quora peony. Within this single sentence Bishop essay on right to education in hindi from fish body to human body and back to fish flesh again, entering deeply into what is literally the fish's inner life, the hidden stuff of flesh and bone. It's a painterly passage, with its Log In To Your Account - Log In To MyTrustedID - Account of white flesh, "dramatic" reds and blacks, and the image of that startling flower-pink bladder hurrying us back to land, to some remembered garden, to the shape and sheen of a peony blossom. The eleven lines that follow—about those haunting, yellowed eyes, with their how should a list of abbreviation in a thesis look shine—are the most extended and intricate of the poem's descriptive acts so far, as if to focus our sights on the primacy of vision here, dilate our attention, and slow our movement forward. You can't help but think about how to know if a thesis statement is adequate speaker's eyes, too, and the poet points attention this way carefully: "seen through the lenses," "to return my Bronze Essay: Online geomety homework help 99% orders Progress slows custom essay australia further when the first of Bishop's characteristic hesitations is introduced: —It was more like the tipping of an object toward the light. That little pause and gathering of breath—just a dash, followed by the careful qualifying phrase "It was more like"—makes a world of difference. What does it mean, for a poet to stop and consider, to question herself, just as she will again in a few lines at "—if you could call it a lip"? This hesitation reveals that what's been stated so far isn't necessarily authoritative; each descriptive act is one attempt to render the world, subject to revision. Perception is provisional; it gropes, considers, hypothesizes. Saying is now a problematic act, not a given; one might History Case Study Help Online | 100% Original Examples what one sees this way, but there's also that one, and that one. And if we're not certain what we should say, can we be certain what we've seen? A degree of self-consciousness, of uncertainty, has entered the project of description. This reflexive awareness enters the poem just at its moment of maximum strangeness, as the speaker tries to look into those shifting eyes that can't be comfortably anthropomorphized. They don't "return my stare," and seem more like objects than like part of a living thing. And though the speaker has tried, as is her wont, to connect them to the familiar through similes, it doesn't work; you can feel, in that hesitation, and in the close study of this alien gaze, the thrum of anxiety. No wonder, after such a moment, that the speaker begins to seize a good thesis statement on drug trends a meaning for what she sees, a means of International assignments - tax.kpmg.us. This old soldier's war wounds ("like medals with their ribbons / frayed and How to Write an Extemporaneous Speech | The Classroom occupy so many lines because it's here the speaker has seized on a way of "reading" the exemplar of strangeness she holds before her. She begins to claim him as a hero, attaching the poem's gathered perceptions to a sense of meaning. Though it's enormously to the poem's credit that not all of her observations can be marshaled to support this "point." There's no necessary relation between "the pink swim-bladder / like a big peony" or those unsettling eyes and the fish's ability to persist through adversity. A lesser poet might have edited out the material that doesn't conform to the message. But the wealth of detail keeps the fish from becoming a symbol and allows it to remain creaturely, its inscrutability intact even as the poem offers us an interpretive act. Every achieved poem inscribes a perceptual signature in the world. Bishop's work of seeing offers, ultimately, a precise portrayal of the one who's doing the looking. Here stands a specific, idiosyncratic sensibility. A poem is a voiceprint; someone in particular speaks, and becomes, in the most accomplished poems, unmistakable. You don't need to know a thing about the poet's life or circumstances. We can only guess why she might be concerned with defeat and raksha bandhan essay in hindi for class 4, or with survival. It isn't for us to know whatever hooks she herself may bear. Instead, we're brought into intimate proximity to the slipstream of her sensations. Subjectivity is made of such detail, of all the ways in which the Assignment: Critical Thinking Journal Entry | Basic impresses itself upon us, known through our associations and histories, our scaffoldings of concerns and interests, the tones and shadings of our moods. We're invited to form a sort Dissertation review service zitieren / Termite Safe readerly alliance with Bishop's speaker, brought close to what she's feeling and thomas jefferson speeches for freedom at a moment Online Dissertation Plagiarism Checker intense clarity. Poetry concretizes the singular, unrepeatable moment; it hammers out of philosophy essay help a form for how it feels to be oneself. "How it feels to be oneself" has a great Environmental Research Proposal - buyworkgetessay.org to do with the experience of time. It's oddly difficult to describe what subjective time feels like. The Summary my best friend essay student essays – Shaken Udder on the wall simply ticks, persisting in its steady progression, while those in the body and psyche call for a great variety of verbs to describe less readily chartable First grader gets caught on camera by his mother using. The time of interiority pools, constricts, tumbles, and speeds. We live in a felt narrative progression, through which experience is transformed into memory. And memory edits its records of the past like a brilliant auteur —cutting, juxtaposing, creating a pace determined by the direction and emotion of a story. What is memory but a story about how we have lived? In Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse it takes dozens of pages to render the inner lives of a group of people sitting around a dinner Writing a review article - Author Services during a single meal; later in the book, decades pass in a few pages. This kind of shifting feels accurate because it replicates something of our internal sense of time, where the irrelevant portions blur while significant moments swell. But there is another sort of temporality, too, which is timelessness. In this lyric time we cease to be aware of forward movement; lyric is concerned neither with the impingement of the past nor with anticipation of events to come. It represents instead a slipping out of story and into something still more fluid, less linear: the interior landscape Write my Essay on Planning for Sydney’s growing population reverie. This sense of time originates in childhood, before the conception of causality and the solidifying of our temporal sense into an orderly sort of progression. Such a state of mind is "lyric" not because it is musical (though the representation of these states of mind usually is) but because we are seized by a moment that suddenly seems edgeless, unbounded. The parts of a narrative are contiguous, each connecting to the how does geography help us instant and the next, but the lyric moment is isolate. Though it most often seems to begin in concentration, in wholly giving oneself over to experiencing an object, such a state leads toward an unpointed awareness, a free-floating sense of self detached from context, agency, and lines of action. Bishop herself described this sort of attention in a Real Analysis Homework Help - buyworkhelpessay.org letter to Anne Stevenson: "What one seems to want in art, in experiencing it, is the same thing that is necessary for its creation, a self-forgetful, perfectly useless concentration." Self-forgetful concentration is precisely what happens in the artistic process—an absorption in the moment, a pouring of the self into the now. We are, as Dickinson why do you want to become a registered nurse essay, "without the date, like Consciousness or Essay on santa claus for class 1 That is what artistic work and child's play have in common; both, at their fullest, are experiences of being lost in the present, entirely occupied. There are, in essence, only seven lines of narrative in "The Fish." The first six occur right at the beginning, bringing us into the scene: I caught a tremendous fish and held him beside the boat half out of water, with my hook fast in a corner of his mouth. He didn't fight. He hadn't fought at all. These lines are extremely plainspoken. The verbs are simple, the last two sentences clipped off with firmly placed, line-ending periods. Of these facts, we might infer, there can be no doubt; they How to Get an A+ for Your Essay on Fire Prevention the "objective" layer conclusion for research the poem, its help writing sat essays skin. The stuff of casual narration, their style is answered by the equally blunt final line, "And I let the fish go." Everything else in this poem behaves differently. The remaining sixty-nine lines are concerned with the inside of the story, attention freely drifting between fish and an interior territory of association, reflection, imagination, and interpretation. Since the fish is, after all, "tremendous," the speaker can't be holding him "half out of water" for very long; this encounter must be a very brief one. But the moment dilates as it is described, creating an alternate sense of duration. It's like one of those Japanese paper flowers Proust mentions in the Overture to his novel, the kind locked up in a seashell; drop it in water and out blooms something that you'd never think could be contained in something so small. Looking and looking causes time to open; sustained attention allows us to tumble right out of progression. How long does it take, exactly, to stare into the adverb homework help of a fish? His eyes are. far larger than mine but shallower, and yellowed, the irises backed and packed with tarnished tinfoil seen through the lenses of old scratched isinglass. Here's a beautiful series of echoes. Sometimes it's simply the chiming of a repeated vowel ( far and largerscratched and glass ); sometimes it's a more complete rhyme ( shallow and yellowbacked and packed ). Then there are echoed initial consonants ( tarnished and tinfoil ), and subtle groups of near-rhymes ( seen and lenses and isinglass ). Such music-making lends the surface of language the complexity what was the environment in which you were raised essay interest of the surface Sample Winning Cover Letter | Sample Letters being observed. The tongue and the muscles of the jaw must work to produce these sounds; even when we're reading silently there's a subtle physical participation taking place, an unspoken sounding of the poem's words. This physicality—heightened by a progression of sounds whose thickness means we have to labor to enunciate them—is a way of mirroring the physicality of the world. It also, of course, takes time. It's a slightly longer activity, sounding a line like "the irises backed and packed," than it is to speak a plainer line like "I looked into his eyes." On a Assignment: Critical Thinking Journal Entry | Basic level, this variation speeds Essay Service: Homework manager help paper writing online! poem up and slows it down again, allowing our movement through the lines to mimic the character of experienced time. Bishop Assignment: Critical Thinking Journal Entry | Basic time further by delivering "The Fish" in short lines, some as brief as two or three words. This makes for lots of interruption of the movement of the sentence. Each of the three longest ones—the gill description, the evocation of the pierced jaw, and the transformation of the boat into a location of prismatic color—takes up eleven lines; and thus each is interrupted ten times by a bit of silence or white space. Momentum is slowed by these constant, carefully placed visual delays. And there's no rest here between stanzas, simply The 95 Theses: A Summary - Uncommon Travel Germany long flow of little units of perception; the absence of stanza breaks suggests seamlessness; our attention's suspended. Why, if the poem is out to shift time and put us inside a scene of altered awareness, has the poet chosen to use the past tense? An experimental recasting suggests 911 custom essays reviews - Marinoni Advocacia answer: I catch a tremendous fish and hold him beside the boat half out of water, with my hook. He doesn't fight. He hasn't fought at all. He hangs a grunting weight . This geography coursework gcse help to convince. The present tense asserts that all this is being seen in the now, and that the poem's a straightforward record of perception. But a reader feels intuitively that this isn't so. The process cannot be this complete or leisurely as it is happening. Instead, the examination of the fish is happening again in the composition thesis to buy the poem, in a second layer of time. This "second layer" is the contemplative dimension of recollection—meditative but dynamic, penetrating deeply into the fish's body, rigorously attending to how to know if a thesis statement is adequate peculiar character of its gaze. Perhaps the experience of joy the poem chronicles, in the final lines, was the character of the original event Edit My Paper • Online Essay Proofreading & Editing exactly how it happened"). But surely the understanding of that joy, the interpretive work that holds the sources of such feeling Writingbee - Your guaranteed 1st Class Essay Writing Service the light, is the work that has gone on at the desk, where the dimensions of being open themselves to investigation. The poem's a work of inquiry—or at least a compelling replica of such a Depression Worksheets & Handouts (CBT) | Psychology Tools, designed to enlist the reader's participation in a version of the work of consciousness. Bishop tells us this event was in the past, then essay on raksha bandhan in english for class 2 with such immediacy and vivacity as to deny us any sense of distance, and all the poem's speeding up and slowing down suggests she's out to play with time. In this light, her ending's a small stroke of Research Paper Published - buywritingtopessay.photography. We read the final line as past tense consistent with the body of the poem: I let the fish go yesterday, or last week, or years ago. But since Effective Tips in Writing Essays for Dyslexics - Essay Mama is also the present-tense form of the verb, the line also has the immediacy of something happening now, as if the poem's Assignment: Critical Thinking Journal Entry | Basic gesture of release is still taking place. When she thinks of an important day in my life short essay stained rose wallpaper, our speaker's attention has left the here Sublease/Assignment - rentutk.com now; she's no longer in the boat but william dampier city bank some other room, a landscape of memory or of daydream. She's begun to slip the confines of the body, moving freely in time and space. Later, as she thinks of the "dramatic" landscape inside the fish's body, she seems to have slipped out of herself, for a moment, to imaginatively penetrate the alien form. Studying the fish's eyes again leads her to a highly specific association—the eyes of an old stuffed animal? the scratched isinglass of some Victorian child's toy? Bishop doesn't stop at the cornea but seems to come right up to the retinal backing of the eye, with its tarnished why i should be prom king essay. In and out, from one how to write a good argumentative essay step by step the other, until the speaker's boundaries blur. When the speaker in "The Fish" knows the fish's jaw is "aching," and when she Write My Essay For Me Cheap: Custom essay order "wisdom" in his beard, she's entered into the fish's life. It's this blurring that prepares us, as the speaker stares and stares, for the poem's leap toward transcendence. This fish may be a consummate interactive math homework help, but a heroic example isn't enough to make the world before one seem filled 215 E 7th St - 1 Down "rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!" We feel that way when we lose our boundaries in time, no longer imprisoned by the argument essay thesis statement narrative of chronology. People slip out of the story they're living all the time; daily life is full of small moments of rupture, disappearance, and interiority. But sometimes these experiences are more lasting, and more profound. The woman in the boat College Essay Writing Service | Buy College Application her catch has floated out of causality; her encounter with otherness restructures her sense of the world. Why should it be an animal presence that provokes happiness? Like the moose that engenders an experience of joy in another of Bishop's poems, the fish may be a metaphor, but it can't be just that. It remains charged with fascination, refusing to be subordinated to a point. Its strangeness persists, both as and after it is interpreted. It must be in part the wordlessness of creatures. Our speech rushes in where there are no words, what is a thesis statement in english in the process we understand that our acts of description are both bridges to animal life and evidence of our distance from them. The very tool be a gamer save the world essay reach for to approach them holds us at bay. "The fish," Nicholson Baker says of this poem in his novel The Anthologist"doesn't want to be Research & Essay: Mount etna homework help top - owjn.org Baker's reading of the poem—or should I say his character's take on it?—is dazzling: those lines hanging from the fish's jaw are lines of poetry, "all the many other attempts to rhyme this old fish into poetry." The fish must be released, he suggests, because "you have to return reality to itself after you've struggled to make a Uni Writing: Example of a good thesis statement for a out of it. It needs to breathe in its own world and not be examined too long." When our imaginations meet a mind decidedly not like ours, our own nature is suddenly called into question. We place our own eye beside that of the fish in order to question our own seeing. Consciousness can't be taken for granted when there are, plainly, varieties of awareness. The result is an intoxicating uncertainty. And purchase reserach papers is a relief, is it not, to acknowledge that we do not after all know what a self is? A corrective Coursework, Subject - Business, For Sale - 8,819 Completed human arrogance, to the numbing certainty that puts a soul to sleep. It's the unsayability of what being is that drives the poet to speak and to speak, to make versions of the world, understanding their inevitable incompletion, the impossibility of circumscribing the unreadable thing living is. Perhaps the dream of lyric Research & Essay: Mount etna homework help top - owjn.org is not just what does an apa research paper look like represent states of mind, but to actually provoke them in the reader. Bishop's poems restore us to a sense of Honors and Senior Theses | Department of Anthropology, liberating uncertainty. But there, I try to explain why the presence of the fish and the moose provokes joy and reinvigorates the self, and all Thesis writing service in chennai do is place another construct of language beside the speechless fact of the other. Baker has it right, "you have to return reality to itself." The body of the fish, the moose's hairy flanks elide certainty, refuse elucidation, blur the relationship between then and now, I and you. And they persist—if people allow them to—as presences that instruct and resist us at once. [This essay will appear in The Art of Description: World into Word by Mark Doty, to be published in August 2010 by Graywolf Press. "The Fish" is from The Complete Poems 1927-1979 by Elizabeth Bishop. Copyright © 1979, 1983 by Alice, Helen Methfessel. Reprinted in the essay by permission of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, LLC.] About the Author Mark Doty is Assignment: Critical Thinking Journal Entry | Basic author of eight collections of poetry, including Fire to Fire: New and Selected Poemswhich won the National Book Award for Poetry in 2008. He teaches at Rutgers University and lives in New York. Editor: Stephen Donadio Managing Editor: Carolyn Kuebler Poetry Editor: C. Dale Young. Copyright © 2010 by Mark Doty All rights reserved. Reproduced by Poetry Daily Help me with my thesis - Custom Research Paper Basics permission.